Friday, February 25, 2011

The Biasness of Friendships Online

Is it wrong to Un-Friend or Un-follow users of websites that you’re connected to simply because their views on certain subjects are different than yours?  No. But it happens all the time.

While taking part in discussions online folks love to be applauded, even when they’re wrong. whether knowingly or unknowingly they tend to associate themselves more with people who share similar views & opinions.  in some cases it’s okay. but it’s not cool to attack or unfriend a person personally because they don’t agree with you. It shows that you’re “Basic” and  you only love attention drawn to you.

I’d prefer to have somebody to tell me that I’m wrong, or to share a different opinion with me rather than attack or unfriend me because they don’t agree with me.  Because at the end of the day it makes healthy conversation.  and better understanding.  To be applauded all the time by your “followers” can be evil at times and is not good.  That’s the downside of online discussion. it’s the same kind of think that starts wars. you can’t get mad at somebody who disagrees with you. just give your point of view and  be the voice of reason. Agree to disagree and move on. 

With that said in many cases Un-Following / Un-friending Is a level of guilt or just pure biasness.  This entry sparked partly due to a conversation between Quisha and Myself regarding Pro-Choice & Pro-Life Matters as well sas the people who chose to attack her personally because of her opinions. In that case, yeah it was cool for her to follow those folks.

To end this though. I’ll just say. Folks need to learn to Agree to Disagree and move on, especially if they’re Real friends, not just Internet friends.

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