Sunday, February 13, 2011

Horrible Accommodations!

Boy oh boy! LOL.. so as stated, I Slept by That fool Tramaine’s house and it was Cold as hell. worse than outside In his house. aside from that. he had a heater in his room. but I slept in the room that used to be his sisters room. in that room there were 2 box springs stacked atop the one another, Pillows with no cases and a bunch of old comforters.

I saw all of this when he was heading to bed .. I asked “where am I going to sleep”  Cause I assumed I’d probably be  in his room on because originally the last time I was there he had Bunk beds.. Technically he still has them but one wasn’t up....He was lke “you can sleep in that room to the left, there's a bed in it..” that’s where I saw what was left of the beds ..

so I’m cold, uncomfortable and attempting to sleep. I lied down at about 1:30. I talked to Kandace till maybe 3:45 and tried to take a nap but couldn’t .. eventually I slept uncomfortably .. then I got up at about 6:15 because I couldn’t go back to sleep..  Throughout the night I could see my breath Because of it. today I sit hear in pain ..LOL..    I told Kandace that I felt like I was sleeping in a Snow Cabin with 3

Yesterday recorded that event, ate at McDonalds, went to my Grandmas House. it was my first time there in so long. all those kids outside I didn’t recognize (it was dark anyway) but they got spooked out when I came toward the door where they were..

boy I couldn’t wait till I got home I had a good nights sleep. I woke up early this morning too. feeling wide  .. still not painless though ..LOL

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