Sunday, February 06, 2011

Sheer Ignorance

I’m saying this because I googled my name and I found an entrusting reference to Black in the South, Especially in New Orleans.. Before I read it all. I got offended based off one comment. but I realize that they used my situation as  satire to someone else's comment.

Basically they were disusing the war in Iraq when somehow a Canadian person began to comment racism in the south. the user “worm man” claimed to meet white southerners who blame Katrina Recovery on the blacks. which is not necessarily true.


So the response to that post was a woman living in Los Angeles who used my situation as a way to assure that they understand that not every southerner is as worm man described.

The women who’s name was “Music” mentioned that she assisted My family and I during the trials of Katrina, as and even posted a letter that I had sent to everyone who assisted us at that time.   Although she got a few things wrong due to common misconceptions as is related to Katrina, I could respect her using  That situation as a way of saying that all southerners are not as a person in the northern states would assume.. or in Canada for that matter.

Music Wrote this in response along with other stuff regarding the original forum subject and my as well as my email quoted (which I wont post here)


on behalf of me though. if I’m right. if “Music” is one of the people who helped us find cheddar, she’s not one of the people who assisted my family with clothing… if so, I don’t really remember. but I can respect her post. the idea of using my situation regarding evacuating to Houston and and being sheltered in the Astrodome even though she said “Superdome”.. yeah I wasn’t there at any time during Katrina. all my PC access was through Houston.

In the letter she I wrote that she reposted, was an email I had written  to many of my Katrina Contacts after moving back to New Orleans. it was just a thank you letter to all who helped my family out with assistance directly to our family rather than to a service which helped.  The Letter was about our family moving back home, yet included references to folks at the service organizations I had worked for while in Houston. but was also directed to individuals who had assisted us.

There was a time where I couldn’t fit any clothes being issued out. Around that time I was writing in this blog to make note of a lot of things that I or the family needed  from there folks happily responded and I gladly accepted. I still have lots of those clothing items today.  After that I worked to survive like anyone else would do, I made it back to N.O to continue my life here and I sent the “thank you“ letter as soon as I was able to get Internet access. yep.

I just think its funny that my situation would be used to describe Southern Living after Katrina.. at the end of the day. I’m glad I don’t fit into the category that was mentioned about blacks in N.O as well.

To Close this post off I’ll just say that I think it’s a shame that this worm man only believes what he hears and may have read but doesn’t know for sure how things go in the US. you cant walk around assuming that Americans in the south are uncivilized people.  I cant necessarily speak on behalf of every individual, but we’re all a work in progress.

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