Sunday, March 27, 2011

Random Sunday

I’m gonna Attempt to do This One in a different Format.

Basically A Large Mash-up of things via the web that I’ve posted or seen. since the last time I posted something random… which was really 3 days ago..LOL

Yet Not Too Far Different from any othersBWAbcocIf4e9040d5RwvI6Su_500

I deleted over 30 Gigs of Hard drive space from my external. Much of it was old music files that I got rid of.

Irrelevancy - The Images and Videos In this entry have nothing to do with anything

The Fool dun Asked me to Record and make DVD’s for him. I need More DVD’s though. dude wants everything for free. I sell footage but dang man. I give this stuff away too much and folks complain about it not being good, or whine when i it takes long to upload.  

… Give them a camera and they’ll want my knowledge… lol

I can’t explain what I do. I just do it

They Cant do as I do.

Still Haven't Seen This Movie.. None of Them Really


Circle Circle Circle SQUARE!

I hate when people get field credentials to record and they talk behind the cams

I Talked to my boy Mike about a lot of stuff pertaining to conspiracies and folks who take them too far. you can’t blame everything on the Illuminati, it doesn’t work like that.


‘Fore they are the Subliminal Enemy anyway

I was on here searching random Things the other day and i ran across a whole lot. Partially The Inspiration for this entry

This Cat’s Response to the UCLA Chick’s Rant is FUNNY!

Life’s Ultimate Distraction of Destruction.

The Irony of it is Computing and Networking Socially too

Cant Decipher Everything, because everything is not a conspiracy. nor subliminal. Maybe to the Conscious, but always to the direct eye..


This was a Ticket to a theme park uptown. The Park only lasted 6 years


After watching most of the Comedy Documentary, I went to search for some Comedy by Dick Gregory. All I came up with was interviews with him about Malcolm X, Michael Jackson and The Social Status of Blacks in Present day.


I exist in a concept of time which suits my present reality.

…. I kinda wanted to tell my brother that Randy Orton doesn’t Drive the Tour Bus,  He Has a chauffer.  …lol

Seeing is not always believing.

I Deleted a crap-load of contacts from MSN and had to reset my phone again. I don’t really use MSN services,though otherwise through the phone

I’m going to End this one here for now.  Be Aware that i may continue this for Monday.

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