Monday, April 04, 2011

…and there he goes again.


… You about to get a phone call…

At that Point I just ignored it, because the dude is ignorant. I seriously don’t play games like that. he’s got these girls hittin’ me up like i want them or something. He Think’s it’s funny. but it’s childish. fool we’re not in high school. and even in high school i didn’t associate with him like that.

Every time somebody asks me to help them play on somebodys fone, i refuse to because that’s not what I do. But this fool thinks its funny to put me on blast, having these girls under the impression that I want to get with them… In High School I didn’t KNOW them. I barely conversed with them, why would i even attempt at getting with them when I have or never had any desire to do so.

…Pure Stupidity

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