Monday, April 04, 2011

Violent Activity In The City

This past weekend was Crazy, I had no clue of any of the violent events this weekend until yesterday and today in I guess it’s because the TV broadcasted news isn’t necessarily broadcasting the breaking news during the weekend.

Last nightI found that a girl My Brother and I Know, Had killed someone  and was booked with  second degree murder. Shocking to hear & sad to know. yet could have been prevented.  Now I’m seeing this girls face in the news and it’s just disappointing.

Aside from That, There were a number of  Violent Acts around the city, one even in my area. It’s just proof the city’s getting worse. Majority of these were Domestic from what I've read. Not only Shootings, you had Stabbings and even a Hit & Run situation.   This City aint gettin’ no better…

Check This Article to read about all of it.

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