Monday, April 04, 2011

This Ignorant Fool

Once again, This dude gives my number to a friend from High school and she believes it and hits me up. she just sent me a long message in Facebook chat saying not to play with her like that and to grow up. yet i didn’t tell her nothing. This fool tramline on the other hand finds it all funny. Do I. No. is this chick. No…

I told  her that I seriously don’t play games like that. it’s the same chick  from back in High School he gave my number when i was nowhere around, she threw the number away. .. He and few of our classmates found it funny when I walked into the room .. They Laughed at me like if i got played by her. all the while it was some Joke the pulled and had this girl thinking i liked her..

So now. 10 years later this fool is doing the same thing,  He thinks it’s funny but it’s not. What i is is Childish and ignorant By the looks of it he told this girl some stupid things that made her ask for my number. I told her the dude  was playing games and that I don’t play like that.. but because of him, she asked me to ask him to stop playing them games or she will block the both of us..

Honestly, This is a cool chick, i never had problems with her or any females in HS, cause I rarely talk to them anyway. The particular girl  im referring to in this post was a cheerleader but she’s  partially deaf. and they thought it was cool to make fun of her.

If I really wanted to talk to her by phone I’d do it myself. Last week I talked to her via facebook and it was all cool, she added Him and he assumed i had something to do with it. .. I'm like dude she went to our HS and graduated the year after us, We know her, therefore she’s going to add us.. But No, This dude finds it funny to put me on the spot… I should act like i got something to do and not record his event.

I seriously ain’t got time for it.. Then he called me up asking “what happened” .. I’m just told him I'd call him back.. I seriously don’t feel like playing them games. had the girl tilling me off for nothing’..,

Not Cool…  not long ago it was that girl Angelle, and  he claims i hurt her feelings, I cant hurt the feelings of somebody i never tried to get involved with in that way.. But because of him. they believe all kinds of junk

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