Thursday, April 14, 2011

Had to Get rid of it

Due to my Misinterpretation of a conversation that was supposed to be one on one, I was asked the entry down. so on behalf of them.  Writing what I said here, Although I looked at it as something that wasn't big. I made it all into a big deal by posting it here. .No doubt I was stating how I felt.. Yet A misunderstanding on my part. it was brought to their attention, and put us all in  quarrel. I could have prevented it all by talking to them  on my own terms and not posting here about it. That's my fault  and I'll claim up to it.

Majority of what posted in that entry was My General outlook on things which occurred in the past which triggered my own decision making. Due to Posting of names in regard to these situations it, it all just came off mess. It wasn't my intention. but because they saw it all. it cam back to me in the form of an argument.

I admit.that I was wrong for causing a situation that could have been prevented,
With that said I've made it bad for myself and dealing with them in any form.  Hopefully it doesn't get any worse than what it already is.  at this point after discussion it with the, I remain ease about it no further discussion is necessary.

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