Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Titus O’neil & Hornswoggle vs. Darren Young & Chavo

What’s funny about this is, If you listen to commentary When Titus O'Neil throws up the Omega Man Hooks, Regal asks what is does it mean, The Other Announcer replies that he doesn’t know.  I think it’s funny because in a way, he’s not supposed to know. but anyone familiar with Black Greeks Lettered Orgs should know. 

Titus O'Neil wears  Purple & Gold, He Barks, He Throws up the Hooks.. He’s a Que-Dog/Omega Man In his Real Life. I personally think that he shouldn’t have made it part of his character persona.  Maybe he should try doing it a different way.  Him doing it as wrestler, it’s slightly original to represent your real fraternal background in the ring.

The Problem is that The Character “Titus O’Neil”  will have to come up with a gimmick that surrounds the symbolization, i doubt that he’ll be allowed to claim his fraternal membership beyond those hooks..  otherwise he can claim the Hooks is just the “O” for O'Neil.. which would make perfect sense.

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