Tuesday, April 05, 2011

A Wendy’s Where Ferrara Used To Be.

Ferrara Supermarket has been located at Elysian Fields & Robert E. Lee for Nearly 100 Years, It was torn down after Katrina, Likely in 2006. sometime in 2007, The Wendy’s building Which was on the opposite side for elysian fields was Torn Down,  That building along with a Mini Mall which housed a comic book store, a Wash Room, beauty supply and McKenzie Donut Shop…

The whole complex was torn down.. Even the gas station on that side was torn down. … So there technically a large slab of land not being used by anyone on that side. Yet Wendy’s Decided to build where Ferrara’s used to be.. Why? Wendy’s should have rebuilt at their prior address. The spot they’re going to be in now could have been used to house another local grocery store. rather than a nation wide fast food place.

The Area Of Elysian Fields Ave. Between Hayne & Robert E. Lee Was Technically a Corridor to UNO where Students can get their Fast Food and Groceries from. The Area Was Booming during Lunch Hours too. Since Katrina It hasn’t been that way..

There was a Local Pizza Place called “Papa’s Pizza” who’s 2nd Location was built where Taco Bell once stood… It Eventually Closed.. There’s also an old Popeye's that hasn’t been torn down yet..  There’s Daiquiri Shop where Bud’s Broiler used to be. As well as a Nacho Mama which replaced  some other restaurant..Those are Local Businesses though. so that’s cool…  Now that I think about it though. there was once a Book Exchange store around there too. Now it’s  closer to the Lakefront Arena I believe.

It’s like that on Broad & Elysian Fields too though.. There's another Walgreens where Economics (Zuppardo’s) used to be. Otherwise there are alot of businesses that Left Prior too Katrina, I really don’t have much to say about them. but It’s Crazy to see how things are changing.

We’re losing a lot of what made this city special..

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