Monday, May 02, 2011

Gang Activity

thugEverybody Knows that in N.O. There are no REAL gangs, or so we thought.  Well, According to the news recent new as reports, there are gangs in this city. In the recent past there were few that have been caught & disbanded, yet there are others on the rise  Most of these gangs are only small groups of people within a neighborhood who are there just to bring  the “Criminal Element” to their area. 

Pre-Karina, There weren't Gangs, There may be gang-like Activity, but there weren’t gangs.  but the there was a criminal element within neighborhoods set around  Housing Projects, and just being familiar with your own neighborhood. We had Turf Wars which are dumb, but no real gangs. When it came to crime, it was individual, not gang operated.  Retaliation for these crimes may have ended in death. and the cycle continued.

The Projects and Ward beef  pre Katrina  was also  stupid, but it happened.  The Fights and murders over Drugs or stolen goods were senseless as well  but it wasn’t gang activity. Now I’m watching the news and reading about these Gangs with Fancy Cartoonish/Ghetto names causing trouble in Neighborhoods.

By Definition yes they are gangs. It Bothers Me that these are  Young Groups of Kids doing all the dirt.  That makes it look bad on their families and parent. which brings me to  ask Where are the parents of these kids? Some don’t even know that they’re Housing Criminals  .. That’s just how bad it is now .. I hate it all because doesn’t represent Me, nor My people, nor New Orleans. 

You know.. I had more to say, but I'm going to leave it at that…

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