Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Band Content On Band sites Beat out Facebook In Viewership

I realize that the band sites are still on and poppin’ when it comes to an outlet for promoting things band related. partly because the band sites of the same interest. Another reason is because  Facebook is timeline based and if you don’t see it In your feed, you’ll likely miss out if it’s not shared with you. Folks on band websites come to the site because they know the content is going to be there.

i Last weekend, one of the members who has his own website for Chicago Bands, had recently filmed & posted the band video from the Chicago Football Classic. I highlighted 2 of his videos in the Feature Box on 2 days ago.  one of them was Hampton University’s Halftime show. Prior to viewing the show. I saw that the video had no more than 29 Views. Only 2 days after this video was highlighted, it received over 2000 hits.  The Majority of the hits came from Mobile devices,, 5th Quarter, and Facebook. See Below


As you can see, The band website hits outweigh Facebook hits. as far as mobile devices, no telling if those hits could also be part of the band sites views as well. because those sites are also available via mobile devices.

Generally though. from this, I see that the value of band sites is still high. No doubt it’s only  662 hits from the band sites alone.. but as compared to hits from Facebook, The band sites are still doing justice.

oddly enough people have spinoff band groups on Facebook. but their biasness kills the  groups universal appeal. With us ( highlighting a school like Hampton (which we rarely do / thanks to Terrell’s videos.) The Impact is still great. and it shows that it’s good to highlight these bands, not for hits. but for better promotion of the bands themselves. It’s clear us (bandhead / marchingsport) and 5Q play a big roll the exposure of marching bands. especially when allowing the band community to  mingle amongst themselves.

We’re Good for Band!

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