Friday, September 09, 2011

Random Thought Regurgitation

In light that I have nothing better to do right now, I’m waiting for time to pass so I can go to practice. It’s the last rehearsal b4 Saturday’s Picnic.

For Months folks have asked me to do more of those wrestling character videos. and I finally got around to doing one… Two to be exact. one band related, the other Fraternal. I put somewhat of a disclaimer beneath the fraternal video simply because I’m not part of any org. as well as the fact that I only do it for entertainment purposes.  I

Comments beneath videos in the past were mostly negative shots at myself for creating something that (according to them) does not represent them in good light. In my defense there are members of frats who ask me to do them. so I do them in their behalf.  Many of them think its funny.  those who hate it should lighten up in my opinion.

Here They are..

And then there’s This….

It’s more less a video capture and edit, rather than an actual created team thing though.. one other thing that prompted me to doing theses was finding my input and S-video connectors. I was trying to show my dad how those VGA things work on the TV. he was trying to get the burn out of our big screen.. No hope.. but I did use the big screen as a monitor for a  hot minute

I found myself Tweeting/Facebooking up a storm and Finding out things such as how people are when they’re amongst the “in crowd” and how they do things to fit in. yet when they’re alone they’re weak.. it’s a shame how they play face…

Random Tweeted Thoughts

  • you gotta be the lamest of the lame... lol
  • folks dont have forum etiquette these days
  • we always say #BlessYouBoys because the saints are always sneezing
  • Expect the Expected because the things you think are Unusual are typical
  • The green means that their helmet mic'd ..not only to communicate with the coach but to be documented for other nfl films
  • The word of the day is Anthropomorphous (adj.) - Having or suggesting human form and appearance. #Anthropomorphous
  • my sister loves the Stingettes ..I myself Love The Motion of The Ocean.. LOL
  • Sum Dum Goy says "Every Job is a self-portrait of the person who did it. Autograph your work with Excellence." #SumDumGoy 

    (it was actually a fortune cookie, so I tweeted it in reference to Sum Dum Goy from The Movie The Last Dragon)
  • Man, Her sister is Beautiful…
  • red beans, red beans in a pot.. the more you eat, the more you #Fart!
  • Lucifer himself was the bearer of light, Yet he had evil in his heart, therefore his light was equal to darkness

    (I tweeted that After I saw A friends Status on Facebook in reference to a bible verse. I’ll save it for another blog..)
  • I hate when Artist Rephrase their Vocals or sing at a higher pitch than the actual recording at live shows
  • it smells like Teen spirit out here #Marshfire #NOLA #Storm #weather #rain #tropicalstorm
  • I’m not interesting
  • should i give up or should i just keep tasting pastries... #fatpeoplelyrics
  • Dude said he and his sister birthday was a day apart... and another dude responded "Say son, yo momma nasty son" ... #LOL
  • Man, an old schooler asked me if i was Silver Thunder.. LOL when i told him no he was like "U can have my jacket"
  • i wonder if angry moms will start complaining about sagging in tight pants as much as they do about sagging in baggy pants ..
  • I stopped pledging Allegiance in 5th Grade. Because My Teacher Never Answered my Question "What's the point of Being Devoted to a Flag?"
  • Sometimes the best you could do is bear with the circumstances
  • si belle qu'elle me fait souffrir...
  • dont u hate when folks tell you something you already know... as if you don't know... smh...
  • Truth has no path. Truth is living and, therefore, changing.
  • we don't talk as much as we used to . Maybe it's because I don't call you. I may have to make a call just to say "Hi, Hunnie"
  • God is in His Holy Temple! Earthly thoughts be silent now! - Henry Kane : Poltergeist II
  • 1,2,3,4 Get Your Woman On the Floor Gonna Wanna Get Up & Get Down...Gonna Wanna Get Up & Get Down...#Coolio
  • .... why the evil hurricanes have Black Auntie Names lol
  • I know yall wouldn't understand but it's something i noticed...LOL but it doesn't matter to me because I know that deep inside they love it
  • Every time they see me They're like "Here Come Debo" ... yep.. their exact words are "Here Comes Book with The Camera"...

Facebook Statuses

  • HBCU conferences are as compared to the bigger conferences is like Park sports vs Pro sports
  • The Jacksons were Discovered singing their own songs .. most folks want to be discovered singing other peoples music..
  • it's kinda crazy when you have the power to make or break a band by the push of a button .. Don't Get Caught Slippin’
  • Jason Statham is always playing these off the wall characters
  • i was told that there are folks who don't get on because I'm on there.. i guess they might as well delete their facebook accounts cause i'm on here too. lol
  • PV's gonna get in the stands and chant "WE ARE FARMERS .. BUM BA DUM BUM BUM BUM BUM!"
  • Tubas and woodwinds are killing Everything this year..
  • what's crazy is, there are wildfires in Houston, There were Marsh fires in New Orleans ... .. I'm about to watch Mississippi Burning…
  • They Ain't ready for That Blue & Gold..
  • Call it what you like, I'm gonna call it How it Be, This is just another one of God's gifts to Musicology,,, – Prince



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