Friday, September 09, 2011

Evaluation of Self


I’ve Found myself evaluating as well as redefining my online persona. why? simply because I’m trying to shake the Silent Haters off. Why do I call them Silent haters… well. those are the ones who are all for you while in your space. but behind closed doors they talk badly about you as if you did them something wrong.

They think they know me, but they’ve been caught slipping. that’s not a good thing. And being that I see nearly everything. they do. as well as having Access to lots of things. I’ve come to terms with the image that I believe that they perceive of me.

There fore I consider myself “The Book” … It’s been my Nickname for a while now. but understanding why I chose to Change it from Bookman, to Book makes perfect sense.. For one.. The name Bookman was my high school crab name… I hated it, It was like being mentally hazed… but eventually I accepted it and it technically shaped who I am as a person today…

Originally the Reference was of a Character from The TV show Good Times. simply because folks said I looked like him… The name came with all kinds of unnecessary duties but It was me… Eventually after becoming Popular, it was the only name people knew me by for a long time. So I used it as my online handles. At times causing turmoil on forums, other times being the butt of a joke. Over all it was cool Being “Bookman”

After getting Tired of folks calling me “Bookie” amongst other things, I shortened it to “Book” …and I even refer to myself as “The Book” .. hence the name of this It fit simply because of who I am, The people I know and how we’re connected. in my opinion, It makes ME the Man.. LOL

Bookman became a Man called Book

With that said

I Myself Am Me, In a sense, I’m A Bearer of information, or Like the Merovingian in The Matrix I’m a Trafficker of Information. and because of the things I come across as well as the way process the information as it becomes Knowledge to me. Over time I’ve realized that obtaining bits and pieces of randomness has been good for me. And I like to share what I know. It’s what I do… Yet some how others have began to Cringe at My Display of knowledge. Making me look like the bad guy in this movie …. Laughing out loud

I’m never 100% Right, I actually prefer to be corrected when I’m wrong. Years ago I’ve realized how folks value my opinions. so I try not to disappoint them. yet when I decide to speak Facts. That’s when folks feel the need to challenge my knowledge. I can’t stop that yet I can control it.

what’s crazy is that I have a lot of power when it comes to accessing this information. lots have to do with skill too. It’s messed up because I have not applied myself to make myself better Legally.. and generally That’s what this is all about. For me. I think it’s time that I make myself able to succeeded in life.

Over the years, I’ve procrastinated on getting things done for me. With the things I Know. I’ve only used them to apply to Other people and not myself. I spend so much time assisting others, till the point that folks get angry with me for trying to do things for myself. When I do try to better myself, folks tend to think it’s selfish. For me. I think I have to attempt at being More selfish. it’s the only way I’m going to succeed.

Over the years I’ve put Everything Before me. If I don’t take action now. I’ll forever be a nobody… Tired of holding things off. Time to Make me a better man…. It’s why I read, it’s why I Seek to find information. to build up my own personal ideas. and to make Me better…. I gotta do it for me..

Overall, I’m not important, but I will be someday. I’m not in it to be popular I’m in it to succeed.

Note From The Book

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