Sunday, October 23, 2011

I Guess That’s How It Is.

Yesterday, I went through a lot of Verbal abuse at the hands of Ignorance. but I took it all in stride because at the end of the day. I know my work will be beneficial to me as it is to others.  There’s no reason you should be like that with me, when in your part, I’m doing you bigger favors. 

You ask so much of me, sometimes Demanding things you can do for self, yet refuse to do.. and you wonder why When I get mine, You’re left out.  Yeah I got into an event free. it doesn’t always happen that way though.  You call me a Bum but I ask nothing of you.  Maybe if you stop begging me for things, What Is given to me. will be given to you as well.

I Didn’t see you come into that building today, Why is that? .. your mind isn’t right man, you need to get that straight.

Be Grateful for what you have. and that which you desire will be issued unto you. 

Note From The Book

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