Sunday, December 11, 2011

Another fallen Brother from My Old Neighborhood

I just read the Article about a Murder uptown in Hollygrove. “Shooting Leaves One Man Dead”  It’s The Kind of thing that I hate to read about all the time but it Hurts when it hits home.  This is not the kind of thing I expected to hear today.

Kalumba, I watched this man grow up. He was in the band while in school, Marching for Phillips with my brother. Even with Me because Mr. Ford (the band director) allowed little kids from The Elementary to take part in the band with us. He was one of them He Well Known in the St. Barnard.

Reading about him being Murdered just blows my mind. Kalumba had a sister who was killed in City Park back when he was a baby, so I KNOW this is a hurting thing for their family.

Rest In Peace Kalumba. You’ll be Missed! 

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