Sunday, December 11, 2011

Got what I needed

I Don’t Know If I Mentioned This here. but, The Other day I purchased the new Legend of Zelda game for the Wii. it came with The musical score and everything. what was required is that I get a Wii Motion Plus, which is an extension to the Wii-Mote. I was able to obtain It, along with the Wii Zapper, which comes with Links Crossbow Training. I was glad it was only about $20 for both Items.

My Brother Wanted Skyrim, so I helped him out on that end. The game is great looking.  I don’t play Xbox much though. so I’m sticking to my Zelda Stuff. The Irony is that Skyrim seems to have that Gauntlet/Zelda like feel to it.  I need to check it out.

There needs to be an Open-World game for the Wii. I’ll look in to some.

As you know by now, I didn’t go to Pensacola. Nor Did I go to Baton Rouge for those parades. I know folks will ask why. but I had business to take care of.  I was able to get the Photo’s I had printed to the Buyer. He liked them. He even stood outside looking at the pics for a hot minute after picking them up. kinda funny… I’m  glad he liked it.

I’m going to Start Lowering my Print Count though. Maybe giving 130 Pics and a disk with the images on them. it’s better than printing 200 .. That’s Breaking ME! basically.  I’m going to buy a chopping board soon.

But First.. I must do business where Business needs to be done.  and that’s IN HOUSE! .. gotta take care of My needs!.

I’ll blog about that some other time

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