Monday, December 05, 2011

LOL.. at My Brother…

I was on facebook recently checking my Birthday shout outs and here’s what my brother wrote.. very amusing!

In the beginning was the Book and the Book was with him and the Book was him... Chapter 1 He discovered technology by Breaking all the VCR's with peanut butter spoons...Chapter 2 He found a hidden talent, Drawing...Chapter 3 He became a game head and beat every Zelda, Mario and WWF Wrestling...Chapter 4 He found a interest in music and began to play the Organ... Chapter 5 He picked up a brass instrument called a Baritone...Chapter 6 The Book was Big so they put him on Tuba and after getting on tuba he introduced his brother Jaime to the music world..."Jaime later became a beast on trumpet"... Chapter 7 He was very talented on tuba so he went to JFK HS to play in the Best Band in The Land and thus Bookman was Born...Chapter 8 Bookman gained popularity because of his multiple talents... Chapter 9 His technology skills advanced and he began to make websites, and burn band CD's. Chapter 10 Bookman thought that CD's were not good enough so he picked up a Camera and then Bookman became The Book...Chapter 11 The Book started to film everybody and everything and his Popularity tripled.. Chapter 12 The Book went to TXSU on Tuba and then Crossed NPHIO. Chapter 13 The Book now goes about filming Bands and catching people on film doing crazy things....yall better watch out!!...To Be Continued. Happy Birthday Brother!!

THIS DUDE IS CRAZY! lol but i love it ..LOL  Thanks Jaime! and Congrats on becoming a Law Enforcer

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