Friday, December 09, 2011

Tried Something new

After Leaving the courthouse today, I walked to a nearby Grocery Store prior to catching my ride home. Although I was looking for a Danish, I went in and saw This Drink Called “Savia” I chose to by It (The Peach Flavor, along with a “Simply” Apple drink. It was my first time buying Both. and The great thing about it is.. Both are GREAT!

I JUST had a glass of simply Apple,  While earlier I drank the Savia.  The Savia Drink was better than I expected. Being a peach flavored drink alone, I expected it to have a weird taste..but This drink was good. It’s a 2 dollar drink and it’s worth every bit. It’s Thick, pulpy and refreshing. I’ll have to grab one or 2 before I hit the road to Pensacola tomorrow.

After Looking at an infomercial on YouTube a few minutes ago (The one above) , it makes me want to buy more simply due to the health benefits. Also, Just by looking at on the shelf was convincing enough to buy. why? Because I actually wondered why I always  see folks in our resident Latino community drinking those and similar drinks.  

But Now that I’ve tried it. I’m all In. Especially knowing that  it’ll be good for me if I replace drinking Carbonated beverages for This! .. LETS MAKE IT HAPPEN!

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