Friday, December 23, 2011

Whats Crazy Is

I Just realized that one of my blog posts didn't go through from a few days ago.  In light of that. I basically wrote in reference to being falsely accused and clearing my name. as well as talking with the jurors commissioner about not being selected, because that junk had me shaken for a day.

I think that failed entry was short.. this one will likely be a tad bit longer. Laughing out loud

I believe the judicial system here in N.O. is kind of crazy. I don’t want to be selected due to the fact that I’m pretty much a well known face and I know a lot of people. I do not want to feel threatened by anybody after walking out of the court room.

As I also mentioned to a few friends that I’ve talked, it calmed my nerves. to I told them to write “Free Book” on my Facebook page personally, just because.  I should be able to handle this when i get there though. I really want to see the picture they have. i’ll bring multiple forms of ID. one i took in 2003 the other I took recently. i have to check for it though.

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