Monday, December 26, 2011

What did I do for Christmas?

I went to Church!…

This time my dad came, it was a great service, The Fool was also there. lol  he makes those “play threats” but he needs to realize that I'm getting serious about my work and can’t always be there when he needs me.

I talk to Pastor a few times today, My dad talked to him earlier… but the conversation between him and I was in reference to a video “called “Mayor Monster ” where a locally known entertainer speaks out about finding ways to fight crime and get the killers off the streets.  All though he’s speaking to the streets. he’s REAL about the situations. and (Pastor) Ben liked that it because of his demeanor.

With that said, Ben also thought about inviting him to the church to give his POV. I think its a good yet crazy Idea, so does Ben. but it’s a matter of reaching the people.

Well, Because of the video. Ben and I were discussing the things that matters to the people, and the fact that politicians, Church and City Leaders are out of touch with the people because they do not dwell amongst them or Talk Directly with them to know and understand the needs of the people in the city. Especially the Black community.

I told ben that MLK spoke about how some people do things to be praised. and that we all like to be praised, but there’s a time where you can’t do things for your own recognition. “I” does not matter when you’re representing a cause for the People.

When MLK Spoke up for the people, his true recognition came After he died.. crazy but true,.. MLK was a true leader for blacks..  many try to follow and  only want the praise rather than to truly help a Community…

Helping a small community in Alabama made  MLK a House hold name why? because what he did had an impact on the Nation by way of that community…  yet in the end it was a Community effort, MLK was the leading Representative of that community …It does not  happen like that These days..

Now days Community activism is a Group effort. but its not about being heard or seen, it’s about doing. and what are we really doing to help the situation NOW rather than later .. You can have a 10 year initiative for Better schools, jobs & Recreation for communities.  but the murder rate is high NOW.. what are you going to do about stopping what's going on NOW … address the problem Directly, don’t hold off and watch more people die while the plan unfolds.

What happens when the Marching & the Rallying is over? NOTHING.. why? because nobody on TOP cares..

That’s how I feel about it at least

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