Monday, January 23, 2012

Blogging From The Mother ship

Today was a long day, but at least lunch was good. LOL I really didn’t want to be there yet I was selected. At this point that’s all I’m going to say about it.  2 more days of this and I’m good.  I was in there tweeting the whole time, shame on me tomorrow. I’ll save that for the rest period.

My new Phone is in!. I’m Excited yet I realize that my bill is still like the same as it was this month as it was last month. I realized something was Raised. yet now I’ll be paying an extra 4 dollars so my bill will be $90+ and that’s too much. yet its all in what having these phones are about. Now I have to transfer apps.  I don’t think I’ll bring the Laptop but my phone will be all access for me.  I guess my issue is that blogging will suck from my phone. but I'm not sure. I have to test that out in a few.

Oh and Correction, the name of that place was Mama’s Cooking not Kitchen..I had a Shrimp Sandwich with a new selection of Drink this time!.   Today, I had a V8 Splash.. 3 of them to be exact.  one with the sandwich. one while leaving the place.  The other while on my way home. Although I was looking at both the cranberry juice & the Apple juice, for some reason, I think The V8 splash was the proper choice… and besides I needed something a healthier choice.

That Brings me to the fact that I must lay off the Carbonated Beverages all together.  same as the Fried stuff because It had me feeling extremely bad in the stomach and chest yesterday . and for a while there I I thought I had to do #2 but it was All fluids, im glad I slept through some of it… maybe those gases needed time to process but I’m feeling better now. I should’ve taken some Pepto Bizmol today. We have that Fake Mylanta in there. I had some of that. otherwise I drunk some milk ans water prior to sleeping..

Once Again, this year will be the year of Do. and one of my Do’s will be to make Healthier Choices when it comes to food. I have Cranberry Supplements coming in the mail and I sure will take them with Cranberry Juice. I was given a sign and I’m taking heed to it.

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