Saturday, January 21, 2012

Should be getting my new Phone

New That I’m able, This time I got insurance on my phone. Hopefully I’ll have a job to pay my own bill though. I prefer to do it that way. honestly I’ve leaned on my dad to pay my bill since like 2008. that’s too long. he does enough for me with that and since it IS my time. I’m just going to have to make it happen on my own…

AHH MAN THE HEAT MUST BE ON IN THUS HOUSE! (goes to turn it off)

*I’m back* .. YEP IT WAS ON! SMH… … Now back to this phone thing..

I’m getting something with Android 2.2 on it. It’s kind of old but its really a start up phone.  being that I already have an android device, Adaptation to this one should be pretty easy.  This is great though because I’m a google user and I’m familiar with Linux whether  it be Fedora or the Android Mini-pad. My transition should be easy.

It’s about time I throw this blackberry clean out. it’s a Blackberry 83xx and it’s heavily damaged. Somewhere inbetween I had my windows phone which sucked due to the lack of apps. and then it was an old version too so that made it worse. but with this new phone coming I’ll be pretty much Up to date.  Can’t wait to get them apps ready. 

Ahh.. There was more that I wanted to say but my Mind needs a break.. lol

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