Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Maybe It Was Me

I got the call today telling me I’m done/ maybe it’s because of what I said or did while there vs what was told to us afterwards. Also, it’s likely I was looked up and they saw my Facebook or twitter or even this blog. Which has made me question my own profile in the past 30 minutes. \

For one, I Say some unnecessary things with I blog. lots have to do with my own personal whereabouts. the easy way to keep a low profile is to stray away from doing that. But hey. that seems to late. when you Google me, I’m the top 5 links. That’s not necessarily a good thing.

Although I don’t say where I live. I technically tell folks everything that goes on in my day when I’m not here. That could serve me well in one case and work against me in another case. Especially after listening to the things i’ve heard over the past month.

Maybe me not being selected only maybe 15 hours after being selected made me think pretty hard about What I blog about as well as How I blog. This was a learning experience that have allowed me to be open minded and pay a lot of attention to small detail. and Obviously I wasn’t being mindful of my Actions while there, as well as words and posts. 

That’s a bad thing on my part and I will Fix that slowly but surely this year.  in the end, I’m glad I don’t have to work any cases.

I, The Book Book am Evaluating Self.

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