Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Duty

Wednesday In Jury Duty I was in the 2nd Set of a group of 200+ people who were called in the process of being selected for a case. I wasn’t selected to be on the jury. but this process took 2 days. I believe it’s because during the first day, other’s had to meet up in the jurors room. 

When my group was called up, I was like “Wow”. It was a large number of people selected. Although I was confident that I wasn’t going be selected, I was nervous because I of the questioning they do. of course I assumed everything would happen that day, it did not. Because of it It was a 1st Degree Murder case; They have us a questionnaire and told us come back tomorrow.

On day 2, which was Thursday We got there and waited till call time. When the questioning started I got nervous because it was simply one thing from both the Prosecutors side and the defendants side regarding the same thing. Our Views on the Death Penalty.

When It came to my turn, I answered Yes or No fort the most part. as it related to my questionnaire. which I think they may have had a hard time reading because my handwriting is bad. But basically they asked what kind of thing would convince me to vote for death, I mentioned that Mass Murders like the Columbine situation would make me sway that way. otherwise I oppose of the Death Penalty, and either way I still may not be able to come down and say “I choose death” because of my religious views. Also stated that I couldn’t have another man die on my watch. That kind of stuff would ruin me.

With that said they’re looking for the most reliable person who would likely be able to work the case and have no real trouble if having a case result in death.. There was a about 3 people who kind of kept the questions going when truthfully they didn’t have to give an extra detailed point of view.  The woman sitting in front of me had somewhat of a prolonged discussion with both parties  giving the  “well I feel’s & Maybe If’s ”. In my head I was like ..” Ma’am, we all have morals and compassion for humanity, but if you’re going to say no to it, just say no..” lol but I also agreed with how she feels. 

There was also another group of folks who stated that it depends on how heinous & heartless the murders were. otherwise everything was all stated on the questionnaires, they really didn’t HAVE to give prolonged answers.

I personally was ready to go, I just couldn’t see myself doing it. It made me nervous thinking about it. Maybe they aren’t selecting me because I am unemployed. I assumed that they didn’t like my handwriting. I don’t like my handwriting so that’s just the way it is. Otherwise I’m glad I wasn’t selected this time around. I still have 3 more dates on my card for this month too. I’ll be preparing for that soon.

I can’t wait til this process is over. February’s going to be Big for Me!

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