Thursday, January 19, 2012

I’ve inspired my cousin to play Tuba.

The Irony of this post is that it relates to my cousin Chanel who was killed back in 2007.  … It’s her little Sister I've Inspired.  It Makes me feel good to know that.

My cousin “Tugga” was born in 1996. It’s the same year I began playing tuba in Middle school. By the time she was around 4 or 5. she had seen me in high school  playing the tuba in Parades, football games and in the neighborhood.  She even used to mimic Me by marching around my grandmas house with her hands over her mouth as if she’s playing the tuba.  Her mom & a few cousins originally told me about it long before I actually saw her in action and I thought it was hilarious to see.  “This is how you be playin’ that round thang…”

But now she’s in that age range where she’s decided to get in the band and play the Tuba. That amazes me to know. I may have to go and chaperone with the school she’s marching with. The crazy part is. she wanted to do Roots of music but I think she’s too old now.  it amazes me though.

I love my lil cousin. I’ll probably teach her how to unleash the power! lol

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