Saturday, January 21, 2012

Fun House: One Game Show I’ll Never Forget

Honestly I did forget the name of it, but I remembered the general concept of the games and I do remember The group “The Boys” being in it simply because my sisters taped that particular show. And here it is.

Fun House: A real simple name, with a really well known host of that time I remember him also hosting a few shows other shows Like Masters Of The Maze which was kind of “power ranger / VR Troopers” feel.. I guess miming the other popular shows. but FUN HOUSE itself was The HOTTEST kids game show in its time according to Wikipedia. I can believe that because it aired on network television on the weekends, not on cable LOL.

Here’s a Clip from the episode with singers “The Boys” where they perform before The girl groups go on

I used to always want to go on that show. I believe they changed up the Set during the very last season. but I don’t remember. It kinda just “stopped” .. lol

It was one of the many Game shows I remember watching all the time as a child in elementary school.

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