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Sermons about Safe Sex

I was reading a Thread on bandhead in regard to a blog entry on a black news site which basically talked about Safe sex and passing out condoms in the black church and if it’s a good thing or a bad thing.  Here’s how that conversation went so far.

In Viewing the thread off top, My initial thought was that there are fornicators within the church, so it’s best to be safe than sorry. I don't think its the church promoting sex.  We are human beings tend to Feed our worldly / fleshly desires which will sometimes outweigh or spiritual needs. 

My Next response came After a guy named Chris posted this

Families have been falling apart for decades, no one is preaching about it.

Single mother households are becoming the norm, no one is preaching about it.

Teen pregnancy rates have been on a constant rise since the 60’s, no one is preaching about it.

STD’s have been on the rise since the 80’s, no one is preaching about it.

Placing a bowl of condoms in the church won’t prevent anything unless the church changes its message and rebuff what’s been feed to naive people by society. And the church isn’t exactly known for dealing with any truth that may piss people off and reduce the giving.

Mom and dad should have the knowledge BEFORE having a child to teach the child how NOT to fall prey to negativity. If they're to stupid to realize that they're to silly to raise a child properly then the child is doomed from the womb.

When there's a problem, you should know how to solve it. Are you horny? Move away from the situation... You don't go to some government boondoggle that tells you how to have sex when they should be telling you not to.

Why people continue to look to the church and government  is beyond me, they have clearly failed.


My Response was In concurrence with That Post. Because It’s true that Big Time Ministers aren’t bold enough to preach the truth, because it will cause them to get Ridiculed by the mainstream media. Such as what happened with Jeremiah wright. after he spoke the truth publically He stepped down from Obamas Campaign because of all the media attention. eventually causing the Obamas to cut ties with Rev Wright and his Church.

Yesterday, 2 others responded, one guy deleting his post. I responded the thoughts of The Girl who replied in  giving my thoughts in slight disagreement.  yet overall agreeing.

Her Response

Safe sex? Bible believing Christians should teach what the bible ACTUALLY says. No sex outside of marriage. If one wears a condom in marriage that's them...but sex outside of marriage + Christian + condoms+ church + sermon shouldn't even be in the same sentence unless one was preaching about sex and marriage (and why people who aren't married wear condoms).


Although I completely understand. I had to basically repeat myself little saying this

There are people within the church that feel like it’s a minor sin, yet no sin in greater than the other. Even those who claim to be the holiest of the holy don’t completely obey the scripture as if the Lord will excuse their Sin.

I Also Said that basically, Ministers know  that even the Holiest struggle with temptation because it’s human nature. They can preach against sex before marriage forever, but it will not prevent the Act.  

These Ministers know they’re Dealing with folks who are influenced by music that tells them to go out and have sex with every girl IN THE WORLD.   Those same people are Ignoring God, they don’t want to hear the WORD of God, But they Do hear Lil Wayne.

Pastors are looked upon as leaders in the community. So They have right to educate the people about Sex just as much as public schools do.  Also Just as much as the music these folks listen to that promotes promiscuous behavior.

I feel Personally that a church is not the place to hand out a condom. But it is the proper place to discuss and to preach abstinence. It could help a league of people refrain from the acts. Teaching it would eliminate the spread of STD's among the youth who are out there Living in "The World" and not in "The Word"

At the end of the day, the sinner will sin, The act will be done, babies will be made. Somebody has to tell them to use a condom if their parents wont do it.

I Also Added that Hey, We’re on a site that folks feel its inappropriate to discuss These kinds of matters, yet what we do saves lives and we have the right to discuss “what’s real”

And that’s basically how I feel about it. At the end of the day, Church can’t save you. but hearing the right message about the matters can help a person. I mean hey, look at how it helped awaken me  from a sinful slumber.

There was another reply a guy who deleted his post, I won’t post it but basically he gave reason to why he isn’t having sex before marriage and how he felt that it somewhat promotes the idea of having sex by throwing a bowl of condoms out there.

There was also The last post by a guy named Patrick

Of course we know the hypocrisy and contradictions that surround religion are exceedingly overwhelming. The Church loves to condemn, and then attempts to justify their actions because they believe they'll be forgiven. Honestly, I was thinking about this earlier, because I've grown weary of listening to avid churchgoers magically becoming holy and sanctified on Sunday. Yet, throughout the week simply disregarding the values of what their doctrine dictates.

NO sex outside of marriage, period.

There were no Replies after this.. but I can agree but like i also said in the prior entry, We all must evaluate ourselves and take action from there.  I agree with Patrick too. Ill wait for another reply before I respond though.

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