Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I won’t be making it much to church on sundays

I May have to start attending bible study at the church rather than going on Sunday. This morning on my way to Jury duty my dad told me that he didn’t want to bring me to church anymore. and that I decided to attend the church & I should find my own way to get there.

The way my he told me had me dumbfounded for a minute because He knows that I was attending the church before it moved to that location and I want to continue going. I had already assumed he didn’t want to take me 2 weeks ago when He left out the door while I was waiting to bring me.

This Morning while he was talking to me in while on my way to the court house, while taking about how Me nor my mom doesn’t respect his Time. as well as how he feels that my mom shouldn’t catch cabs to work because the Bus is cheaper … that’s when he came  and basically told me “You too because… chose to go to church out there, you need to find a way there or tell somebody to come pick you  up Because I can’t be going out there… (and so on and so forth)” 

Everything else at that point was kind of a Mind block because at that point I knew I wasn’t going to be able to get there at all  because I’m Like …Well why can’t you bring me?  but I know that this man does not like bringing anybody anywhere.  He as a car for Him and only Him…

I totally understand that I’m taking away from his time that he could be resting. Driving there  for him is like going to his job. and  The Church I attend is near Causeway Blvd. & Jefferson Hwy. That’s technically Far from where I live. 

My problem is that I don’t have a vehicle, and I can not Drive. Also, The Bus does not go beyond city limits.  I’d have to Walk 3 miles after catching the bus  to get there because Jefferson’s bus system does not provide services on Sundays.  I’ve also never had to catch the bus out that way, yet I’m willing to do so to get where I need to be.

For that same reason is why I refuse to work outside of Orleans Parish, I’d Never be able to get where I need to be. yet In New Orleans there’s no real “Jobs” for somebody like me who can not do hard labor due to my back problem. Aside from that, I have no degree’s so I’m just out of luck until I finish school or some kind of special training.

I’m glad that In February I’ll be taking the test to get my Drivers License. I hope and pray that I pass, and when I do. I’m going to rent cars to go places until I’m able to buy something. I don’t care How much They Dislike it. I have to do what I Need to do. to get to where I Need to be.  and besides I see that can’t depend on anybody to get me where I need to go not even the bus because waiting  would keep me late. lol

With that said though. I informed Ben that I may not be attending service due to lack of transportation. he had a good word for me on that note.  I told him I’d attempt to get their on my own but I know it would take nearly 3 hours and that’s longer than church so I won’t make it at all.

I’ll just begin to wake up early on Sundays and making it a day to have time to myself.  unlike any other day where my time is everyone else's time.

I’m about to Take a nap now that I’ve got this out of my head.

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