Monday, May 07, 2012

Monday’s Randomness

I’ve Been being random as usual, but lately my Twitter bug has been sleeping and I ain’t really trying to wake it up.

I have to send back my flash like ASAP!!! they’ll refund that money Quick! hopefully.

Rest In Peace AMC, You were a Pioneer in what we call Hip Hip today!. on the day he passed i had no clue until my boy Josiah mentioned it. It was shocking. I told him it was just as big as the death of Jam Master Jay because the Beastie Boys and Run DMC were Original Faces of MTV “Mainstream”  Hip Hop. at its time. and they were innovative in their own ways.  I personally wasn’t a HUGE fan but I loved alot of their songs.. and SAMPLES of course!.

On the Fourth It was brought to my Attention that it was Star Wars Day! ..”May The Fourth Be With You” ..

There was the Cinco De Mayo Celebration after that .. which I don’t celebrate but I understand. LOL!

As you probably can tell, I’ve  just been introduced or REINTRODUCED to the Morpheus “What If I Told You” meme. and to my knowledge That line isn’t actually In the matrix but it fits when making reference to how NEO and Morpheus met.

I Helped my Cousin Install Open Office on her PC and set up some other things, I guess she’s straight.

I don’t think that I mentioned that the other day the Police had their High Beans on me for no real reason. I guess they thought I was a threat by waiting at a bus stop…lol

Foursquare has updated and now that they’ve worked out kinks. it always determines that I’m further away than what I Though I was .. which sux because I like checking in at 2 places that are maybe 4 blocks or about a half mile away..

I’ve Received a lot of badges just playing around on there.

OH MAN I HAVE TO SEE THE AVENGERS! .. and BAT MAN! and… THE HUNGER GAMES! .. my brother went to see The Hunger Games Sunday. he said it was Awesome!.




And I called him out on facebook for it because He plays too much and thinks it’s funny.
I seriously don’t play games like that.

AHH! .. okay I’m done.. Time to check in Elsewhere LOL!

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