Thursday, October 18, 2012

I Watched WCW’s Best Moments in Netflix

and although It’s not complete I must admit a pet peeve of mine which I took note of long ago.  WWE’s overdubbed  a lot of their classic footage. I’m surprised they can do it, yet it’s a great thing in some ways. 

1 WCW had bad Audio levels,  The Crowd was way too loud and for the most part you couldn’t  actually hear wresters themes.  WWE fixed that   WWE also overdubbed lots of Music, and although I hate it. It does prevent them from being Sued by companies who previously owned the older tunes.

WCW used lots of  Rock music owned by Turner companies as well as lots of Generic Music that we’ll probably never hear again due to WWE’s purchase.  WWE’s own Generic tunes have overdubbed those.   The Irony is that they’ve kept the LWO theme for Eddie, the Self High Five Theme for DDP. But Goldberg’s music  was created 100% by WWE

As I watched DDP vs Some guy who was likely a Jobber I noticed that WCW’s music was replaced. all I did was go to the Footage on Youtube and look at the match…and yeah I also saw Some other things WWE fixed.

1 thing about WCW I hated was the “Blue Foggy Overcast” and this isn’t on;y from it being old video. WCW had weird lighting at times.  so did WWE but in all truth WCW had it worse LOL!.    with that said.. I realized WWE not only fixed that but they  made every WCW clip in Cinema form which looks movie like.. I love it really.

I think WWE should allow those WCW episodes play in Full  on the WCW network with minimal edits because WWE is bound to edit lots of stuff out.

It just gets me that I don’t get to hear the Original stuff.

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