Saturday, June 01, 2013

Things I Probably Didn’t Blog About In January Part 2


At the same time I realize why I Didn’t blog about the things in the first one.. much of it is useless info. LOL

  • Since people are creatures of habit, How can one embrace change without sacrificing tradition? Or is sacrificing tradition apart of embracing change?


  • Creativity of the 90’s Music Videos | Busta Rhymes – Gimme Some More


  • Be careful. People like to be told what they already know. Remember that. They get uncomfortable when you tell them new things. New things…well, new things aren't what they expect. They like to know that, say, a dog will bite a man. That is what dogs do. They don’t want to know that man bites a dog, because the world is not supposed to happen like that. In short, what people think they want is news, but what they really crave is olds…Not news but olds, telling people that what they think they already know is true.”
    Terry Pratchett through the character Lord Vetinari from his novel, “The Truth: a novel of Discworld


  • when Mick Foley debuted as "Cactus Jack" in WWE the whole crowed yelled ECW!! ECW!! ECW!! ECW!! .. notice every time Cactus Jack returned he came for HHH lol


  • If It wasn’t for GTA 3: I wouldn’t Have Known of this tune
  • Plague Of The Zombies by Scientist on Grooveshark

  • When I wrote This, Cats went nuts

    There are folks who sarcastically enter a thread calling everybody "wannabe music majors" when they critique band songs. please note that The Artist who created those songs weren't music majors either ..LOL

  • If Prince were to come up and say "Aye yall playing my song in the wrong key" .. nobody would say "oh shut up you wannabe music major"

  • Busta was Killer back then…


  • in 2013  6.8 million people will spend hundreds of dollars on something ugly due to its brand name.

That was Proven with JORDANS

  • My Cousin posted this on my page

Wanna Thank my Cuz Book for letting his extended BandheaD fam know of the goal of Mcd#32 to raise $1000 to buy band uniforms. While all other schools received new uniforms after Katrina #32 was left out because they didn't have a onn staff music teacher/band director at that time so they're raising funds. I'm sure some of you can relate to these kids needs. Thanks Book
Help Out if you can.

  • I havent watched this documentary in a long time, I’ll just post a link because watching it via here may get tiresome I want you all to scroll. Bookmark this video

    Kymatica 2009 -

I believe that was contrary to My Many Moments in  New World Order & Illuminati Subliminal  Mind Control  Moments.. even with some of the comments

  • funny how every new product forces you to buy paid services they provide.
  • To be Successful is to be continuous in achievement. you can be a success at anything. you could even be successful at failure.. and if you're a failure at failing that makes you a success i quit
  • If ou like artwork of any kind BUY IT
  • ***Inserts Philosophical post / walks away***
  • 2 Timothy 2:13  If we believe not, yet he abideth faithful: he cannot deny himself.


  • Occupy Self 2013

My Alma Mater “M H Nelson” Fight Song "

  • Who decided to make "Wordpress" a standard in web development? i remember when having to know script out the head.. and then utilizing programs like Macromedia (now adobe) had. now days its all about selecting a platform. .. now days we live in a cut & paste web designing world lol
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