Tuesday, July 23, 2013

I still have project to work on

I have a price range, now I really need to work on a website and portfolio.
I’m not that great of a photographer. I just feel that I’m blessed with the talents to get me by. It’s a  hustle and a hobby.  but I really need a job.

I’ve applied for office Depot but I realize that they’re not hiring.  I will attempt at working in a better place in the future. somewhere where I can make a decent wage to support myself.

I' have yet to start working on the  Karr drum major documentary.  There’s other things I need to record for that.  I have my brothers baby shower pix to work on. I have to find other gigs for some change. its so much. I did an interview with “The Marching Podcast” it was pretty decent. I think I gave too much Info at some points though.

I may end up buying a bicycle for myself to get to work and back when need be. hopefully this will work out for me just fine.  I’ll have to see about that though.

Mark Folse shared his story with me. a stage play. I should try to help him out with that.. So much on my plate though. Ira wants to go to New York. I ‘ll likely make that trip. lol should be fun.

I recently won a screening to a movie “The Millers” or something like that. Can’t wait to do so.

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