Saturday, August 17, 2013

Watching This Televised meeting about Xavier Prep

I understand their fight, about Saving that school. and I hope all goes well for them. They were mentioning things that most public schools were fighting about as well. they have the same reasons of the value of the school as it connects to all alumni personally.  Giving what I’d say are valid reasons to keep a school open, or even try restoring a building. 

It only reminds me of the fights that the public schools are having with the charter systems as well as with the Orleans parish School board. and how we have Totally new schools runing out of New Buildings which are sitting on the grounds of Former schools. Schools which had been Renamed after Blacks to suit the identity of students and are now being renamed to suit Charter systems  Plans and Interests.

There are schools who haven’t been open since katrina, and many who have, have closed for various reasons. Other schools were opened in Trailiors and Need to be rebuilt. Others  have been built but were chartered out and are under new management.
All of it is Money and Politics and are not in the best interest of the Students in Nearby Neighborhoods.  

With Xavier Prep, they’re a private school  with a historic campus and they want  a facelift. as well as they desire to Keep the school open  rather than Giving up the school as a whole..  Why? as I stated in the beginning. No Living student wants to see its Alma Mater Gone.   But the people in charge, they don’t care about these things, 

The Big thing that counters it is,  We also All want Modernization of our school’s  means Changes of some kinds have to be accepted. by the public.  Older buildings are much smaller and don’t fit the technological needs as a modern day building would.  The problem with THAT is Maintenance as well.  what we need are people with a focus within the community to help run these buildings .. whether Public or Private. 

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