Monday, October 14, 2013

Quick Reality note.

My Estranged Girlfriend has found her a new boyfriend. That's IMO is the end of My Chapter.. New Beginings. It's still wrong for me to do as I did but wow, I get to see what she's had and it makes me wonder why I even tried to make it work. But I won't say much. i'll just leave that situation alone. because at the end of the day. I'm Me and I'm better than that.

I haven't talked to her in 1 whole month. she will call me when she needs me..

It all brings me back to a few facebook postings this week that I made. over the years about connecting with one you love.. I know she wasn't totally connected to me. so I stopped resonding. Maybe that's why she decided to do as she does. but that's on her. .. it's life.

This scene from "The Matrix" comes to mind.

Yeah it's only a picture. What Boggles me though is that the girl she sits on facebook clicking "like" at all my postings even  Tho most of them were random nonsesne of mine, There was one where i was talking somewhat about her and she clicked Like..

The status read..."When Things are beyond my control I just leave it alone."

But she sure SKIPPED this one.

If your actions has a negative physical, financial and/or to some degree emotional effect on anyone but yourself. Whatever action your doing, needs to be stopped. The severity of said action reflects the punishment.

Ain't that somethin'

For the most part. I can see what she's doing, but SHE doesn't see what she's doing. Cheating & Messing over HERSELF. the same woman who says she wanted me to marry her next year.. How can I trust a Lier a Deciever & Cheater... Heartbreaker (lol) basically.

That's life though.

I'm off!

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