Wednesday, December 04, 2013


Today I turned 29 years of age. ,Last year on this day I was in a Relationship
I ate out with the girls family, I was Introduced to her Daughter., Today I’m not In a Relationship, I’m Happy That I am not. Today My plan is to do absolutely nothing.

Lets hope Year 29 id different and better for me. There are many things that I must make happen on my own this year to get to where I need to be. I believe that as a man 29 years of age I should be on my own and bound for glory.

My Belief System is in place. My actions are not quite there. There were events I’ve missed out on due to my own laziness and Procrastination. these things must be fixed ASAP or else I will amount to nothing.

I hope this day starts a new era in my life where success is in my path. I gotta make moves folks.. Happy Birthday to me.

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