Sunday, January 26, 2014

Clicks Like Anyway

The Title states something I typically do via Social Networking site even when i totally don't understand the content. I think everyone is guilty of it.

I listened to that song "Just be good to me" by the SOS band and Thought about how we as bandsmen do when humming and fingering band tunes or parts of certain rhythm sections.

In photography I tend to find myself Preserving the moment rather than, Posting Directly as an Instant Memorial. I think it brings more value to the subject if it sits for a while before displaying it as a work of art.
I would rather preserve than tho just put everything out and up for grabs.  its a Consumer Advocate type of thing. When its at demand people with want it, but if you have the good stuff, and they know you do. When you decide to share it  Later rather than sooner, what ever it is will be considered Nostalgic ..

I some what of an archivist in my own right. #CherishTheMoment because when its over you don't get it back..

I Find myself discussing Racial issues on facebook alot which involve people doing things or saying things to denounce their race, such as Claiming hold to what ever made them "light skinned" or even bleaching their skin.   Its one thing to Claim other Nationalities, but to really have your Identity in check and KNOW where you fit it, is a more meaningful thing. you don't have to Pretend to be Less of who you don't want to be and learn to be MORE of Who you ARE. Value Everything that makes You YOU!.

Another Random High School Memory was back when Girls would wear these short Jean Jackets. with Tiny shorts & boots but tend to get man at the world because its Too Cold outside.  I used to think to myself "Who told you to walk out the door underdressed" 

Make ya wanna Holler, Throw Up Both My Hands! Listen Baby Listen!..
They Aint on that MARVIN GAYE tho!..

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