Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Beginning of a Series of Past thoughts

These Thoughts are Extensions of  Recent Facebook Posts I don't know how far back i'll fo but here goes.the first and most recent thought. 

I was in somewhat of a discussion with a few folks, we were talking about how Jazz and its artists were somewhat of a sub genre / sub culture genre.  It was one of the things that let to me saying that Spike Lee Joints would have you thinking that Jazz was Mainstream.  So many forms and Genres of music. whether classic or new are out there Waiting to be played.

While at Lisa P's House playing Cards Against Humanity with a few friends, We had this discussion about music. she had a poster from a past Jazz fest Line up, most artists on this list were LEGENDS. infact all of them were. we discussed how back in the day their music was just as it's looked at today. with a sense of more appreciation due to them mainly performing live. rather than being recorded  for TV in their prime.. There was  other discussion surrounding us playing Cards Against Humanity that night, this was one of them.

It also reminds me to broaden my Musical ear. which I Do listen to many forms of music, and Jazz depending on What Era and who's doing it. Would be seldom.  I'm Familiar with Brass bands and commonly known jazz vocalist and musicians. but its the many underground artist that i really try to get my ear in when i can.

I love Oddball Music.  basically as in.. I may seem Odd for listening to it. But that's just me.
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