Sunday, February 16, 2014

Drifting On A Memory

The Whole Gritty City has everybody talking. and as much as I talk about band, it's got me remembering things in detail as they were then, as they are now.

The Scene where Lawrence Rawlins selects a drum major for the Roots of Music band was Very similar to how he did it at john F. Kennedy. On this film. He looks at the Kid putting in the most footwork.  He brings the kid to the front of the band , giving him a Broomstick and a Whistle, He asks the band (while lifting the student off the ground)  "Does anyone have a problem with this Kid as your Drum Major?"  Some students said YES because the kid was short others were fine because all that mattered is that they could see the stick. That was explained to the kids. prior to going to a totally difference scene showing the kid leading the band during practice.

This Brought me back to Summer 1999, My First year at Kennedy I'll never forget when Mr Rawlins Selected our drum major.  During summer 99. Just weeks before the season kicked in, as the full band was in Rehearsal. Rawlins stood before the band at podium told us that we need a Drum Major for the year. After stating a few requirements and expectations of the Bands leader. He then looked around the band room and with drum stick in his had, he pointed directly at Jeremiah Gilard a Senior on Trombone and asked him to stand up. Then asked the band "Does anyone have a problem with This Man being your Drum Major. The Band in unison said "No Sir" He Called Jeremiah to the front and gave him the Stick & The Whistle. Practice continued under his leadership.

That's Just the kind of Memory this documentary sparked.
I see many of my fellow & former bandmates & as well College Band Students & Directors telling their stories on facebook It's amazing to me.

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