Monday, February 03, 2014

Over 300

Okay folks, I kinda realize some things, All these years I have remained Stagnant, Only doing as i please and not doing as i should. Although I have made attempts. I have not made the proper moves to really capitalize on what it is that will make me grow as a person.  and With that. I have Remained Heavy and Gained weight that I don't need.

I am a 310 Pound Man, I have never been this big, and I feel it. I feel it in my bones I feel it when I walk. which means. I must make moves to lose. When the doctors 2 years ago told me that I should make Lifestyle changes. I understood the message but I never was able to make that happen. I think it's time I make those changes. I do not want to die young.

I'm paying attention to the things around me and what I see is that I have Family members with Heart issues some who are living with them, some who have died with Complications related to the heart, blood flow. Diabetes. I do not suffer with those issues but I do suffer with Neurological issues that i haven't taken care of. The Doc's 2 years ago put me on a diet that I haven't capitalized on because of what is within my presence. the only way to get away from my current state is, if I make that Lifestyle change THIS YEAR.

Not Only do i need to start Losing weight. but eating healthier. eating less, drinking more water, milk and juice.  smaller portions. I need to exercise. I need to walk. I need to LIVE.  I have remained Stagnant for too long. I am rotting and that must change Now in order for me to feel good about myself again.

I can feel it and it feels bad. But I'm not mad, I'm glad I'm still living. but oer all  I must make those changes to succeed NOW. New Routines!!!   I have waited to long and Waiting wont get me anywhere. I must DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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