Sunday, April 20, 2014

I haven't seen her in years!

Wow man, One of my former classmates back at the K is looking better than ever. The last time I had seen her we were in high school and she was bound to be Miss JFK 2001-02 but due to her opponent being related to school staff, the votes were misconstrued and she lost.

Anyway. This girl, Michelle, she was very nice, I really didn't talk to females much in high school but i did associate with her in class regarding artwork,  related subjects because we were in the same the Talented & Visual Arts program together.. otherwise  Beyond  that, I really didn't know much about her other than she was a very nice girl who was very looking girl and she Loved Dolphins, After high school she was one of the folks i figured i'd never run into again. especially after Katrina happened.

In a sense though, there are a number of people I remember from school  who I have seen and heard from but i really didn't know at the time or knew them but we really weren't "cool" .. Most of them, we don't relate in any way . Also I had a hard time talking to females, i just used to look.LOL.

In Michelle's case, being that she was one of the few folks  among my Arts class who i haven't encountered since then in any way.  to see her over 10 years later was a great thing. and to know that she's doing well and LOOKS WAY BETTER THAN SHE DID BACK THEN. i  was shocked and nearly amazed to come into contact with her in some kind of way.. I'd post her pic here but nah, I'm good with that.  The girl looks good though.   I was like LAWD!

it's always good to see old friends. I gave her a shout out on instagram, she might not see it though because i made no mention of her name. .. but it's all good. if she see's it, she'll get the point.
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