Monday, April 28, 2014

Preparing for ATL

I will be in Atlanta, GA this weekend for the Viewers Choice Battle of the bands.
The Trip has been paid for, I have to check with DJ to see what’s up on the Hotel deal
I appreciate him for paying for that trip. I should have booked this earlier.

I wish I had Driving skills at the moment, because I have to rely on shuttle buses Or the bus system in Atlanta.  I will attempt to make change for a dollar just to have some access change on me..  I am going to be cleaning out this computer to make space for photos and videos from this weekend’s events as well.

3.5 Days in Atlanta, I hope to find somebody there to roll with for a minute.
I’ve decided to say nothing of my trip on Facebook until the day of my departure. I hope to make it to the bus stop on time.  It will be an 8 Hour ride and I sure want to be at the top of the bus hopefully in a good seat with few people.  It’s Jazzfest weekend more folks are coming her than they’re going so I should be fine.

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