Monday, April 28, 2014

On MY Photography

I’m taking in to consideration, to get out of the photography business. even though I’m not really in it. I’ve been charging folks to take A WHOLE LOT OF PICS for 3 years now and It has only been of great benefit to me a few times. nobody wants to pay me for my services yet I am very cheap.

I have tried to change my prices but people have gotten so used to my “deal” that it’s hard to make that happen. $200 for $200 pictures is a GREAT affordable price yet folks act like I’m expensive as hell… That’s with no Time Frame or anything.

I have decided I want to charge $75.00 Per 2 Hour Period Without Prints., That would bring in more money for Me and the product that will be paid for. but it’s hard to do that because people just will not pay up/

I have Missed out on a lot of  things that could have brought me money. but in a sense. there have been things I want to do that I have missed out on because I have chosen to do these parties. and I have been discounting since forever.

I really am losing the love for this too. I need a job though….

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