Sunday, May 25, 2014

My weekend was fun

After a few weeks of practices and things, WE the JFK Alumni band, didn't perform. although we really wanted to. But this event we had was all screwed up.  But I wasn't complaining I still enjoyed myself.

Basically The other events planned for the 1994 and 2004 reunions were done right, but the Timing on this particular event was Off big time.  No doubt everybody is dedicated to "the K" but timing was a big part of why we didnt do it right.. man we even had CHICKEN! lol thanx to Bluestreak!

It's always good seeing old faces, and even NEW faces  that i have known but haven't officially met until now LOL!  The K will live. we have another event so hopefully everyone gets it togeather this go-round. I have pics but i don't really feel like posting'em up LOL!
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