Monday, March 30, 2015

OK I'm happy with the Mania results!

I was able to watch WWE Wrestlmania from the start and I'll say, I was happy with the outcome.

Tag Champs. Kid & Cesaro, the match was IMO a D+ and  the Outcome was B- but I'll give it to Cesaro for making the pin.  It got confusing when Big E. became the Legal Man,,,

Andre The Giant Battle Royal: Didn't upset BUT #AXELmania didn't happen .. SANDOW showed out! dude deserves better. I wanted him to win

Latter Match .. BRYAN WINS.. YES... NO! . I actually wanted Narret or Ambrose to win.. I think Ambrose is Hurt.. Man that fall was ODD! .. Ziggler is still the man too though .. HARPER YEAAAH!!! he was GREAT!

Cliché Legends "yes" moment LOL

DIVAS TAG MATCH ... AJ LEE & Paige won,. #TAPOUT..

RUSEV vs CENA .. RUSEV WAS AWESOME!!!! lol CENA WON!! lol he makes the US title look "small"

STING vs HHH .. WOW BRUH ... The Intro's the NWO vs DX WCW moment .. So much greatness .. SCOTT HALL TOOK A BUMP!!!  inwanted Razors EDGE LOL!!

BRAY WYATT VS TAKER!! .. .. WOW BRUH,. that match had me BEAT!! taker was on a ROLL ..Bray Wyatt should pay his taxes LOL!! ..  i was so on edge that I forgot all about Lesnar vs Reigns .. lol!!

LESNAR VS REIGNS ,, BRUH.. Reigns wasn't READY!!! LOL~!!! .. Rollins with the curn stomp .. BOOM!! lol Lesnar's gonna kill'em! LOL $newChamp RAWLINS!

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