Tuesday, July 28, 2015

When Is it Not Blaming the Victim?

I Recently saw a thread online which talked about the causes of rape being Rapists. which is true.
but I've also seen folks say "Tell guys to keep their hands to themselves" or to Tell rapists not to rape" or to Control their Hormones.  Seeing this made me bring up the issue of the Dress Codes in School as well as protecting yourself or to make yourself aware of situations. Preparation tactics.

In Any Scenario you've gotta alert to the point that you don't get caught up in a bad situation, or even die.  That's not Victim blaming. That's just being prepared to make the right decisions at the right time.

A masked man robs a store a gun point, the store does not have a security guard, the clerk does not have a gun. but he complies to what it is the robber wants.  He lives

Same Scenario as above, Clerk gets shot (or Dies)  .. folks would say He or she should have had a gun or the store should have had protection.. and many would say that's Victim Blaming.

If You're not home and your house gets robbed, and you're posting internet pics of your vacation.. don't blame the victim???

When you swipe your Debit Card or lose your phone, its possible to have Identity is stolen, if you are not aware that this can happen.. who to blame?  .. It's also why people and companies get sued too..

A Real Scenario recently happened, A woman's home was invaded the man attacked her, cut her up with a knife. she was able to shoot him, ran away leaving a van full of evidence that he was prepared to kill her or some woman..   She was still a Victim of the attacker, the attacker still got away, but she was prepared and won her life....

Truth, you don't know when someone will come against you with something that is beyond your control, but you have to have an understanding that anything is bound to happen.

The Wotld is Crazy,,

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