Monday, August 03, 2015

Upgraded to Windows 10 from 7


I Decided to make the upgrade and all I can say is that Windows 10 is AWESOME!
I had some corruption somewhere in my windows 7 before which gave me memory usage problems. and it seems that that  problem is gone now that I have windows 10. That’s the biggest upgrade ever.  Please note, my PC only has 2gb ram. sucks but still it works  greatly on my unit.

There are some downfalls that I’ve encountered which are fixed now. on My PC, but on the main home PC there are still major issues.

After attempting to create a auto local login, I encountered some issues and accidentally locked myself out of the PC with no  administrative User privileges. While at an attempt to change this, I Reset the PC, which didn’t work. and so I had to reinstall all my good manually added programs. After getting this stuff to work. I ended up changing locations of my documentation, changing the PC’s name, and unlocking the administrator account.  I’ll lock that later on today maybe though.

This was all at an attempt to get my PC to log in automatically, I sense then removed that option. to keep the log screen normally. 

On my Main desktop, the major problem is, apps arent loading properly, I don’t want to reset because I don’t want to have to reinstall any programs it will take ALL DAY!!! lol

All in All, this is a great User Interface. It great I’ve enjoyed it so far.
Really simple, very fast. I still need a new “System” because this one has video as well as ram issues. lol.. this is a  hand-me-down ASUS PC. I’ll get a new one in the future though.

- Book

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