Monday, August 10, 2015

Concerning the Indy Wrestling Circuit & WWE

... Random thought, Most Wrestlers started out on the Indy Circuit. So when i see folks saying "Indy Wrestling Matters" i think its kinda pointless because not to many people made were trained exclusively by WWE before the 2010 and even then, those "Beginners" had experience elsewhere before learning the WWE "Style" of performing in the ring. ..

I mean, WWE has had grounds exclusive to their upcoming talent for years, but never to the likes of today where its obvious the talent is under WWE contract.. it’s why WWE to this day although having is own training facility yet  they stilll indirectly have thei have their hands in the ROH talent pool ... as they did with ECW in 97 on up..

ROH is great, TNA is great, but for some reason, I think GFW will surpass them both in the next five years... Not necessarily competing with WWE, but more on the style of being an NWA-like organization.  Traveling from State to state, country to country wrestling what ever local talent there is. it’s Old School… I hope they succeed.

If I had my hand in it. I’d promote GFW as a Youtube Show only, with PPV’s via Youtube too it  would be a GREAT thing.

I remember back when there was a difference in the way wrestlers "Locked Up" in WCW vs the way it was done in WWE.  now everybody is practically doing things the way WWE does them.. It’s a good thing because it prepares them for Televised wrestling. but so many Orgs have failed for a number of reasons, lack of Money & Lack of decent talent. or. unable to capture an audience Like WCW or WWE did..

Some of those companies should have stayed Local Like OVW, shew even FCW stayed Local until being solely a WWE entity. and now as NXT they’re much greater but hey, it’s WWE now..

There’s so much I could say, but I’m gonna end it now.  lol #brainfart

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