Friday, August 14, 2015

Promotion is Everything

You increase your reach with every post.  especially when It’s  something that may interest the likes of others. When it comes to Marching Bands,  I constantly stress that it only takes mass participation to let your voice be heard. Those who are members of bands, must know that they has individuals are representatives of their band and are the sole promoters of their bands image, whether it be as an individual or with the band as a unit., you reprsent your Band’s Image, and your Bands Brand.

Therefore Self Promotion is a must, If others pick up on what your band is doing, Great!, That’s what’s supposed to happen. What you don’t want  is for others to take your bands image to reproduce something that is beyond your control.

When Media Outlets like VIACOM stations are covering your events, they have the power to make you look great and or destroy you. ..When your band is putting out its own footage, its own, events, telling its own stories, not much can go wrong,

This Is why We Must Cover our own Events, I’ve been with Covering events for over 10 years now. I created Content which fed to the band world “As Is” On Demand. Same as folks are doing today. But at the time, I didn’t understand how powerful, just covering these bands was.. I had the fate of this bands image in my hands. anything I put out was going to feed the world  as Seen thru my lens.  and  I also had the power to Tell a a Lie with this same footage. but Being in the business of Promoting these bands, I would not do such a thing. as  Private group of individuals representing the Marchingsport brand, WE wouldn’t do such a thing.

Marchingsport Was and Still is outlet for the discussion and promotion HBCU marching bands. because of that site, I’ve learned that it’s fairly easy for someone to take your band’s image and turn it into something bigger than what It really is.  Whether Great or Bad.

Now  with Facebook, Instagram, and other  Social Media sites,  we have been given the  opportunity to take control of our image in a great way.. On the other hand, there is still the Element out there to destroy the image, Whether it be from A Major Outlet. Or from  Rival Band member who just  takes things too far and beyond Truth to the point that a lie spreads and becomes trutth. WE MUST take control of Our Image ,  We are the sole proprietors of our bands and our brands we must make them look good, because if we don’t  no one else will

SU's band is prime example of taking total control of their  Image they lost control of a number of times, in the past. and now you are seeing the result of  internal control.  I love what they do.. I also Deep inside which the program I was part of would realize the potential they have to do the same or even greater.

I have envisioned in the past that  All bands would  have their own media teams covering their events. some do, that’s great. but IMO not enough are promoting themselves like they should be. and that’s the Killer part about It….

I’m gonna End this now because I’m just rambling on… All I’m trying to say is,  The Power Is Yours..


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