Saturday, September 05, 2015

There are a number of things I could have done this weekend

But I couldn't make it.

McD#35 vs St. Aug happened tonight, but I had a party to take pictures at. which I didn't make due to no transportation.  Also apparently the 35 game was apparently stopped at some point due to something erupting at the game. according to facebook. They've obviously been rained on by now though

Also, Tonight was the Labor Day Classic: Texas Southern vs Prairie View A&M.  according to pictures I've seen, the bands look good and the crowd is pretty, well  "There" but not full capacity.

Oh, I cut my hair! ..

Aside from that, I still feel bad, Nearly everyone in my household had some kind of cold and it got to me... I feel much better now. hopefully I don't have to pull any snot out of my face in the morning. LOL! ..


I was asked to take pictures at someones grandma's 96th birthday party. but when I told the person $200.00 for 200+ pic Plus 200 Prints ..  they hanged up on me.. apparently that's too much money for them. I even went down $100.00 still offering to print. and usually i don't do that.. I tried callin' back. no answer.   Oh well.

I'm cheap as it is. but it makes me wonder how folks will take me if i charged by the hour. 
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